Product perception changes with the way it is presented. Take this opportunity to present your view for a product, breaking away from its mainstream association!

Team Passion welcomes you to showcase your creativity through creation of some redefining advertisements that will be remembered for times to come.

Rules and Regulations

1. Minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 members per team are allowed
2. It is a 2-round competition, where each round will be an elimination round.
3. Final round will be live streamed. Platform to be communicated separately to the selected teams.
4. Teams would be required to make a video advertisement for a product
5. The brand value proposition should be creative and not an existing one
6. Details of the product to be chosen by the participating team
7. Video advertisement should not exceed 3 minutes.
8. Entries should be uploaded on Google drive and the link must be shared with us at
9. The mail should clearly specify the team name and the name of college/institute
10. You may also register on Dare2Compete (D2C link)
11. For updates regarding the event visit: and our Instagram handle: Stay Tuned!
12. Submission deadlines of each round have been specified in further details

Preliminary round:

1. One slider PPT to be prepared by the team
2. Naming convention for PPT: Mad Ads_(Team Name)
3. The PPT should include the product, product name and brand, advertisement framework/storyboard/description.
4. The one slider should be uploaded on Google drive and the link must be shared with us at
5. Subject line of the email: Mad Ads_(College/Institute name)_(Team name)
6. Submission deadline: 17th December 2020
7. This will be an ELIMINATION round
8. Results of preliminary round will be communicated to teams on 18th December 2020

Final Round:

1. Create a 2-3-minute ad revolving around the product in line with the advertisement description provided by the team in the one slider (preliminary round) (mention PPT)
2. The video should be uploaded on Google drive and the link must be shared with us at
3. The video should be of high quality, clearly visible and audible.
4. Video naming convention: Mad Ads_(Team Name)
5. Email subject line: Mad Ads_(College/Institute name)_(Team name)
6. Participating teams will be required to present their Ad video to the judge live.
7. Submission deadline: 23rd December 2020

Judging Criteria for Preliminary Round

Creativity and uniqueness
Value Proposition
Ideation and storyline
Product positioning
Clarity of communication objective/message

Judging Criteria for Final Round:

Creativity and uniqueness
Advertisement Strategy
Overall visual and audience impact
Clarity of communication objective/message
Reason to believe

Note: Any advertisement idea found to be copied, will lead to immediate disqualification. The decision of the judges will be final and binding.

Register Here

For further details contact

Abhishek Chandna: +91 919990695661
Pravishi Chauhan: +91 919660135179 Email:

Important Dates:

1. Preliminary round submission: 17th December 2020
2. Final round submission: 23rd December 2020
3. Dates for Passion 2020: 26th December 2020 – 27th December 2020
4. Results for each round: To be announced on our social media handles