Drama has been a part of almost every culture since the dawn of recorded history. Drama's riveting display of emotion, transcend all barriers of time and age. A caravan of pain, happiness, love, sorrow and oodles of millions of emotions. Since a viable stage play can originate from anyone and anywhere, its conventions are considered as "customs" rather than "laws".

Drawing inspiration from the above stated rich heritage of stage plays, Riwaayat was successfully launched highlighting the underlying purpose of giving voices to unimaginable characters. When more and more of our entertainment options were being annihilated, 'RIWAAYAT' a theater festival of this kind became Singular Avenue for unfiltered expression charged with transformative sense of community. It is a canvas with different layouts of sound, lights, costumes, makeups, and sets, taking theatre experience a step ahead. Keeping up with the zeal and vigor of last year, we bring to you RIWAAYAT …Rang Manch Ki (2019).

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• Team limit is maximum 20 members per team
• Time limit is 45 minutes exceeding which will result in negative marking
• All the members should be present with valid college ID cards
• The play can be in Hindi, English or bilingual
• Basic props will be provided like chair, table, sofa, etc. A list has to be shared in advance in case of any special requirement
• Teams are required to report before time to get performance slots
• 10 minutes will be provided to each team for tech check before the start of the final event
• Decision made by the judges will be final and binding
• Registration will be facilitated through website


• Theme/Content
• Originality/Creative quotient
• Performance in acting (Dialogue delivery / Expressions / Body language)
• Stage presence – energy, connect with the audience
• Overall presentation


Kanika Tomar
Phone number: 7906915155

Parv Trikha
Phone number: 7986510490

Harshita Bhuraria
Phone number: 9873297458


• Dates for Passion
• Event date: To be announced